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some time ago, i’ve written you a tip for text wrap in indesign.

i’m going to give you some more tips on working with indesign text wrap:

  1. to wrap text around the shape of an imported graphic, save the clipping path in the application in which you created it, and then select apply photoshop clipping path in the image import options dialog box.
  2. in indesign, text frames inside a group ignore any text wrap you’ve applied to the group
  3. to prevent the text in a frame from wrapping around text wrap boundaries, use the selection tool to select the text frame, and choose object > text frame options. then select ignore text wrap, and then click ok.
  4. it might be that you can’t get the text to wrap around an image.
    if this happens, make sure that the ignore text wrap option is not selected for the text frame that doesn’t wrap.
    you can also change preference settings to determine whether text is justified next to wrap objects, whether text wrap moves the text to the next available leading increment below wrap objects, and whether text wrap affects only the text beneath wrap objects. note that these setĀ­tings apply to the entire document.

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